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We. Are. Back.

We. Are. Back.

But we never actually went away, hear us out…

We’ll admit the pandemic knocked the wind out of us for a minute, but we didn’t let that stop us. We doubled down, kept our heads down, and worked our asses off the past year.

We're back with an all new SNKR Project. We want to thank you for all your patience while we were away, but it was worth it, and we think you’ll agree once you see the new product.

We started from scratch, with a whole new brand and product identity. First, check out our new logo, it’s more edgy and recognizable (as seen below). You will see this new logo everywhere moving forward.


We also focused on making better product. Our new collection features quality upgrades in every pair we produce. This includes full grain leather, Ortholite insoles, 3M reflective accents, engineered mesh, and lightweight EVA outsoles. We've also used feedback from customers and retailers to improve our design and construction process. Our goal is to provide you with the most premium product we have ever produced.

Now we want to open the floor to you and make this the most inclusive design process we’ve ever done. Not only will you be able to vote on which styles get released in the collection, but you will also get access to purchase earlier than anyone else.

With each pair purchased, customers will receive an NFT minted on the Solana network. The NFT will serve as a digital certificate of authenticity, a proof of purchase, and can be traded on any platform that supports Solana token standards.

In the coming days we will begin the voting process of our first drop. We want to hear from you - please give us a shout and comment on anything you like or dislike and let us know what you think! We strive to give you the best possible product.

We really appreciate your continued support of the SNKR Project brand!